Hardwood Floor Installation Guidelines

Hardwood Floor Installation Guidelines

Job Site Conditions for Hardwood Flooring Projects in Cranston & Providence, RI

At Budget Hardwood Flooring, we believe that our clients should be informed about each step in the process. It is our goal to complete each project on time so that our clients know exactly what to expect. For hardwood flooring projects in New England, the heat and high humidity are always a factor. Depending on the type of hardwood floor selected, different criteria apply.

The hardwood floor installation should be done perfectly the first time. This requires ideal conditions when the flooring is installed. For new construction projects, installing the hardwood flooring is one of the last jobs of the construction project. Prior to the delivery of the hardwood flooring at the residence or business in New England, a site evaluation should be done to check for the following:

  • The residence should be completely enclosed.
  • All outside doors and windows must be completely installed.
  • Ensure all exterior thresholds are completely sealed so that the interior of the house remains at a consistent temperature and humidity.
  • Drainage should direct water away from the building.
  • Wet work such as drywall, masonry, plastering, and concrete must be completely installed, dried, and thoroughly cured.
  • All painting primer coats should be completed.
  • The home must be well ventilated each day, especially in New England's warm months and constant high humidity.
  • Temperature and moisture of the home must be consistent in different parts of the house.
  • Flooring should not be exposed to extreme moisture or humidity that can be impacted by ongoing construction projects.
  • If any moisture problems are found, those problems must be addressed before the hardwood flooring is delivered.
  • A moisture vapor reading should be taken to make sure the moisture level is within an acceptable range.
  • Basements and crawl spaces must be dry.

Acclimation of the Hardwood Flooring

  • Prior to installation, the wood flooring must properly acclimate to your home taking into consideration New England's heat and humidity.
  • Acclimation allows for the moisture content of the wood to become at equilibrium with the installation environment.
  • Acclimation depends on the temperature of the rooms, the consistence of that temperature, and humidity levels.
  • The hardwood flooring should be delivered on site at least 3-5 days prior to the installation.
  • Flooring should be spread out and arranged so that air can circulate through the boards.
  • Moisture content should be monitored and measured prior to installation. The sub floor moisture should be no more than 2% different than that of the flooring.

Checklist Prior to Installing Hardwood Flooring

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Subheadline: Why should you get hardwood floors?

There are many benefits to installing hardwood floors in your home. Hardwood floors are a great investment for you to make for your home or business because they:

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Are durable and easy to clean, repair and restore when they get damaged
Look incredible and are a perennial classic, especially in traditional New England farmhouse-style homes

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